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The Benefits of Occupational Therapy for Children with Autism

Autism is classified as a developmental disorder that affects brain functions, creating social impairments, difficulty in communication and restricted behavioral patterns. While there is a wide spectrum of the severity of autism, some autistic children could greatly benefit from occupational therapy services. Children with autism typically suffer from sensory problems and are delayed in developing certain behaviors and social skills. Occupational therapy can help a child with their independence and competence because it focuses on the performance enhancement of daily activities. Some of the challenges that occupational therapy can help a child with autism overcome include the following: Feeding themselves..  - Read More

The Importance of Performing a Postural Analysis on Your Child

Before you start implementing occupational therapy practices at home, we suggest performing a postural analysis on your child. This kind of analysis helps to identify which muscle groups are over or under developed. By examining your child’s entire body, you will be able to assess the balance between the flexor, extensor and rotator muscle groups from their head to their toes. Please see below for the definitions of these muscle groups. Flexors work to bend a joint. They create motion and activate other muscle groups. When you flex a muscle, your flexors contract and pull on the bone, creating a..  - Read More

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