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Kim's A-HA Moment

Throughout Kim's professional career, she experienced concerned parents, teachers and caregivers asking what else could be done to ensure their child's fine motor development. She naturally offered home exercise guides.

In 2004, Kim was blessed with the arrival of her first niece, Ciara. Her sister, Laura, a new mom and a Special Education Teacher, asked Kim to schedule some special "Aunt Kimmie Time," each week to make sure that Ciara was hitting all of the developmental milestones. Kim welcomed the time with her niece and began to document all the activities she did.

Ten months after Ciara was born, news came that Laura was pregnant again, but this time with twins, Jenna & Aiden. Kim had her "Aha Moment" when she realized how important it would be for these babies to achieve all of their developmental milestones, just like their older sister. She realized that other parents and caregivers could benefit from all of these fun activities, and HOFOT was born. Kits with tools, DVDs and step-by-step instruction manuals to guide parents with her expertise were created.


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