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How to Tell if Your Child Can Benefit from Occupational Therapy

Pediatric occupational therapy helps children perform essential learning and developmental activities. By practicing different occupational tasks, children begin to develop and strengthen fine motor skills, hand and body motions, coordination, visual perception, and muscle development. How can you tell if your child needs occupational therapy to help with these skills? The following signals may help answer this question.

Your child may benefit from occupational therapy if:

  • They have poor concentration and do not pay attention to specific tasks.
  • Their hands tire easily or if they have weak fine motor skills, such as grasping a pencil.
  • They are under or overly sensitive to different stimuli, such as taste, touch, sight, textures, and movement.
  • They have slow or difficult language processing and have an inconsistent ability to follow directions.
  • They have difficulty in writing, reading or spelling.
  • They have poor social and play skills or difficulty in expressing themselves.
  • They have difficulty in learning gross motor skills or have poor coordination and balance.
  • They have low self-esteem.

The above mentioned is a basic guideline to consider when figuring out if your child needs occupational therapy. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Kim, the founder of Hands on Fun OT, here. If you know that your child could use occupational therapy and would like to bridge the gap between the services provided in school and at home, learn how the Hands on Fun OT Programs can help you and your child.


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